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This is the new official web site by and about the unique composer, singer and performer Pia Silvi.

She was once described as "Brian Eno in a frock" but Pia Silvi's music is both unique and highly recognisable.

Pia Silvi's music has featured on BBC Radio 3's Late Junction and Mixing It.

Read the reviews, listen to the samples and decide for yourself.

PIA SILVI: Virtually Handsewn


New download site
Now all Pia Silvi's albums are available as high quality downloads from this site, complete with exclusive cover artwork Click here for details.

Latest album - Ombra
Pia Silvi's stunning new album Ombra is available now- click here.

On first listen, Pia Silvi's latest release Ombra continues down the mysterious and beguiling path of her previous albums. It is only after a few listens that the complexity, scope and dark mystery of her latest offering starts to reveal itself.

Beginning with the haunting Marina, it is clear that Pia has become more comfortable with foregrounding her ethereal vocals over the layers of rich, gorgeous sound that she has become known for, and the result is astonishing.

A more assured and confident album, Ombra also seems to be a more positive and life-affirming experience, as the second track Broken Head But All Mended Now promises.

Straddling worlds as diverse as ambient electronica, contemporary classical and hints of dance music, O1mbra is an almost unclassifiable album that transcends generic convention whilst maintaining a powerful sense of purpose and integrity. Pia's lyrics on Ombra are typically startling and magical, evoking a long-forgotten mythical landscape that is somehow firmly connected to us all.

Qui Primum, the fourth track on the album, begins as a soundscape of echoed bells and evolves into a stunning vocal journey that both reflects Pia's diverse and fascinating musical interests and her determination to push the boundaries of electronic and classical music. The track is typical of an album full of quietly imaginative journeys which demand your full attention but are more satisfying with every listen.


Like the best of the ambient/new age genre, Virtually Handsewn is a work of true originality. Sample any of the tracks on iTunes and you'll hear what I mean....but start with A Boy And A River!

Pia Silvi has been creating sumptuous, otherworldly and spiritual electronic music, floating somewhere between classical, film soundtracks and strange electric ambient pop, for years. But with Virtually Handsewn she has really outdone herself, retaining the strangeness, beauty and experimental nature of earlier releases but with an even greater sense of charm and melody this time around.

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Pia now has her very own page on MySpace - www.myspace.com/piasilvi - click the link to head on over there and share your comments with about her music with others. She may even reply to you! :-)

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