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Chaos Sky

Pia says about the EP:

"This time I was on a different musical path but I was still interested in creating the 'worlds' of the pieces which includes their 'picture titles', because I always work like that, I kind of start with an idea, very often it is an image, and then I build on that. This time I wanted to be a bit playful, people keep saying I am so dark! (I have no problem with dark myself, I think it is important to go deep into something, into yourself). On Sleepy Stars there is a cheeky little sax sound, I played around with the jazzy feel of the track. Vita is singing the other vocal at the same time as me, Vita is my friendly 'virtual' voice who sings what s/he thinks I am singing.

Again, the EP is a very visual or cinematic thing especially Window Gazing Boy which is something I was inspired to do after talking with my brother recently. The title track Chaos Sky itself really comes from my love of the night sky and all it means, I guess, to everyone... I hope the strings, bells and deep repeating tone takes people far up into that wondrous night sky world, where, as children we think we can see all kinds of pictures, just like when you look into an open fire in your living room or on bonfire night which I always loved very much, still do! Last bonfire night I went to South Park in Oxford where they had this brilliant firework display, I watched the fireworks to the track, it really made me think of how much I loved the night sky as a little child, I always could hear music in my head, even then, so that's really what that track is about, if it's about anything. I like the idea that people give the music their own meaning... their own pictures."

Click to listen to excerpts from Chaos Sky

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