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Pia says:

'I don't really want my music to be described as this or that, I would rather people said it was this and this and this and that and that, I am not sure it is useful to put this or indeed anything creative into neat little boxes.'

I come from the North and a lot of the darkness that people say they can hear in my music has to do with certain aspects of that I think, especially my references to a kind of ghostly industrial world, one that has disappeared from the North, deserted factories, shipyards, mines, whenever I travel up there I am really affected by those scenes, there is a poignancy about old disused spaces and I can't help but think of all the lives that were lived out there, the people, their hopes, their dreams their reality which is now consigned to history with very little word about them'

I am fascinated by the night sky and the moon and snow, I love the playful puppet images Peter (from White Space, Oxford) and I chose, the idea that they create mischief far above the earth, but kind mischief! The images, like the music tell stories about the way the world is many different things, dark, light, scary, kind, gentle, threatening, beautiful, funny and tragic all at the same time!

I remember when the Kursk went down in August 2000 and how the men must have died in such terrible circumstances, the track Indigo is my memorial to them, I don't have any words, could anyone have? but I remember thinking how the whole theme of being submerged kept cropping up, the Russian Authorities wanted to submerge the truth about what had happened to the men who had died, it did my head in thinking about the idea that perhaps they could have been saved...

A lot of people have asked me about the track Spare Cat, well he is a visiting cat and is spare only because I have two already! They definitely think he is SPARE as this is their domain and we all know about cats and their territory, especially girl cats!

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